Tips for a Great Artist Website

A website should be unique and individual in design, and that means it

should obviously reflect the brand and music of the artist. That said, if we

were to look at the ideal artist website, we would find the following common


• The Bio or About page. This provides a brief background of the artist.

Three or four paragraphs is enough, as a longer bio can go in the Press


• The Contact page. This provides information about how to contact you,

your agent, or your management.

• The Subscribe section. A place on each page where a fan can subscribe to

the artist mailing list.

• The Press page. This not only contains press clippings of the artist, but

also critical elements for the press to make it easier to write an article about

the artist. Among the items to include are high- and low-resolution graphics

of the artist and the artist’s logo; an extensive biography; links to

interviews; PDFs of adverts, flyers, and posters; web-ready graphics and

banners; press releases; and links to music and videos.

• The Booking Info page. This can contain contact information for

bookings, but also is a good place to include statistics that help influence

promoters, like average gig attendance, markets and venues previously

played, a photo gallery from gigs, quotes from fans and other promoters, a

typical set list (if you’re a cover band), and a stage plot.

• Social Media Connections. Add links and buttons for Facebook, Twitter,

YouTube, and any other social network where you have a presence.

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