The Best Months Of The Year To Release New Music

Let’s face it, some times of the year are better to release new music than others. The problem is, sometimes this is way down the priority list when it comes to music creation, but it should be way up the list for proper marketing of it.

The Monthly Breakdown

January and February – Usually good for releasing music as it’s not as busy as other times of the year. Love or relationship songs work well in February and Valentine’s Day.

March – Not a good month as there’s a glut of new music releases thanks to SXSW.

April – Touring season is just starting up so this is a good month. Record Store Day is also in April if you’re into vinyl.

May – An excellent month for releases as the summer and festival season are about it kick off.

June and July – Another good month since school is out and people are on vacation so there’s more time for listening and discovering music.

August – The festival season is winding down, and prep is being made for the next school year, but still a good time for new music releases.

September and October – Maybe the best time to release new music. The summer is over and people are swinging back into the grind of work and school, but their ears are wide open to new music.

November and December – By the second week of November people begin to travel for the Holidays and their lives get hectic. Attention is on other things than music so best to wait until the new year for any releases unless they’re specifically holiday related.

Some might say that any time is the best time to release your latest work, but it’s best to be strategic about it if you want to reach the most people before your release seems to look a bit old.

On the other hand, artists that work on a short 4 to 8 week schedule of releases that is becoming the norm might find this all irrelevant. Either way, time of year is worth considering.

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