SoundCloud hacks: Get legit FREE Followers, Reposts and Plays

SoundCloud is one of the worlds top music and audio discovery platforms in the world. With Soundcloud you can share your music or podcast with thousands of people who want to hear what you’re making. Whether you’re an artist or run a podcast Soundcloud has the tools for you to share, and create content people will love. Soundcloud has around 200 million listeners and it’s growing. Soundcloud has become popular among musicians trying to break into the music industry. The platform has started many careers for musicians. Musicians such as Post Malone, Don Monique, Bryson Tiller, Lil Peep, Chance The Rapper and so many more. Many have gone viral and came out of nowhere and are now making thousands of dollars. So how can you get followers on Soundcloud and start building your fan base? Soundcloud is an excellent tool to grow your fan community, get constructive feedback and interact with hundreds of other artists in your musical style.It is easy to use, free of charge and therefore essential. In order to get off to a good start, in this article we will see some tips and tricks about your promotion on this platform, which will allow you to have more plays and followers! It’s easier than you think! Soundcloud promotion 101 First let’s talk a little about promoting your Soundcloud. Picture this. You make a killer track you want to share with the world. You go on Soundcloud and upload it. You wait and wait for the plays to roll in but nothing happens. You can be the most talented artist in the world but if you don’t promote your content no one will hear it. There are a lot of great way to promote your content that are super easy! One of the best and easiest ways to promote your content is to build a network of fans who already know you. Does your grandma love your guitar playing? Great! Get her to sign up for Soundcloud and listen to your tracks. When you convince your family and friends to make a Soundcloud account, you’re creating a network of followers who already know and support you . They then tell their friends about Soundcloud and tell them to check out your music. Your fan base is growing already! Another great way to build your fan network is by following and liking artist you are interested and actively listen to their music. Show interest by following them, liking and commenting on their page. If they have a Facebook page follow them there too. Try sending them a message about their music, how much you like it. Tell them about how you’ve promoted their music to your friends and follower, talk about the style. And ask about the production of their content. Showing interest and promoting an artist is a good way to get them to check out and promote your stuff too.

Giving a good first impression First of all, you need to optimize your profile so that everyone who wants to discover your music will come out with the best possible impression. Therefore, every little detail is important: Your images: Make sure they represent your brand, your music and your universe. Your description: Soundcloud is a platform that is highly focused on discovering new artists. So don’t make the mistake of leaving your description empty or rushing it. Include a mini-biography of 50 to 200 words (who, what, structure, notable facts, etc.) and how to contact you. Your URL: The extension corresponding to the address of your profile on Soundcloud should ideally be the same as the one you use on other social networks (such as facebook.com/yourname scene or your @artistname on Twitter and Instagram). Consider changing this in the options if you haven’t already done so. Your links: This is about integrating Soundcloud into the rest of your online marketing strategy by connecting all platforms to each other. So don’t forget to add your social network profiles (only Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram) and your website in the category provided for this purpose. Write good descriptions for your songs. A way many artists get people to share is by writing things like “Share with all friends or like this song if it makes you happy. If you like this, hit the repost button”, etc. Telling people to like and share your music works a lot better than not telling them to do so. By writing fun little quips telling people to share your content, you are reminding them to share. This is good because sometimes people forget and also people like the confidence. If you’re sure of yourself people will pick up on it and are more likely to engage in your content. Check out other people’s descriptions to get some inspiration. More shares results in more followers!

Take care of your musical content As mentioned earlier, Soundcloud is a place of discovery. This means that you want to make sure that the curious can listen to your best tracks in the best possible conditions. This essentially involves three points: Select the titles to publish: For the majority of your listeners, you will have only one chance to seduce them. Indeed, when you discover a new musical project, you listen to a song, or even two before moving on to something else if you are not convinced. Thus, your profile should only include the finished titles you can be proud of. In principle, these are tracks that you have released as albums or ep, and not demos or drafts. Even if the service is flexible, publishing on Soundcloud should be considered as important as on an online music store. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Make your audience’s life easier: Your music should be extremely easy to find, thanks to the information you provide (title, artist, musical genre, keywords, collaborations, etc.). It is therefore essential that you indicate these details accurately. Publish regularly: The ideal for your community on Soundcloud is that you are constantly publishing new sounds on your profile. So try to keep a pace of at least twice a month or at least once every 2 months. It will show everyone that you are serious about your career. If someone comes to your profile and notices that you have not published anything for several months, then that person will leave in a split second.

Think of Soundcloud as a SOCIAL network Apart from the music itself, one of the most important aspects of this platform is its community. If you succeed in interacting intelligently with the rest of the users, you can radically boost your fanbase and develop your network. This begins by responding to the slightest comment that someone writes about one of your titles. This is certainly one of the best ways to get people to come back to your profile and focus more on your musical project. Why? Why? Because it shows that you care about your community and that you are involved. A simple “thank you” is enough, but be careful not to repeat yourself too much in your answers. Stay relevant and personalize your messages. As a general rule, think of Soundcloud first and foremost as another social network. This means that you are expected to listen to other artists and interact with users. Also consider joining active groups that match your music style.

Use social media Now let’s talk about good old social media. Social media promotion will be a huge tool in growing your content. A great way to do this through Facebook . Sure you can do the obvious and post your music on your wall for all your friends to see but you can take it a step further. Instead of just posting on your wall, post in groups. You can find hundreds of groups on Facebook for music. Search for groups related to the genre you play. Join as many groups as you can and be active in the groups. Being active helps you build a community connection which makes people more likely to pay attention to your post. Once you have a real banger of a song post it in all of the groups. Create a fan page for your content and invite all your friends and family. Share this page on your timeline and in the Facebook groups. If you have friends on Facebook who are into music, you can get them to share your work on their walls too and all of their friends will see it too. Posting your stuff during prime usage hours is key. No one will see your 3 a.m. post about your new song but let’s say you post during lunch time when most people have a break or around 6 when most people get off work. You’re going to have more people seeing your posts. You can also post in online forums on tons of sites. Find a music forum start actively participating in the forums then after a few weeks post your own stuff.

Use Instagram Instagram is a powerful site to use. It is one of the most popular social media sites among young people. Create an Instagram specifically for your music or podcast. Start posting your content on Instagram using lots of hashtags. Hashtags are what get you seen and the more of them you use the more people will view it. Use hashtags that relate to your content, for example; if I’m in a rock band, I might use hashtags like music, original, sound, rock, rock music, bands, rock band, guitar, bass, drums, you get the idea. The more tags the better. You can link your Soundcloud in the description for your profile and again in your post. Post just small snippets of your content to entice people to want more. By giving them a taste, you leave them wanting more which then makes them follow your link to Soundcloud. You can also tag you post with follow for follow, which means you will follow back people who follow you. This will get you more follows as you are now helping other people grow their followers. Post regularly to keep your fanbase interested. Post behind-the-scene photos and videos so people can really connect with you.

Tag smartly Just like with Instagram if you want people to see your post on Soundcloud tag, tag, tag! Tagging is huge. People search for things via tags so use lots of them. Tag the genre. Your name or band name, the instruments or software you use, the vocal styles, tag the mood of your song, tag related songs and artists, tag related record companies. Tag adjectives that describe the lyrics or sound, just tag anything related to the song.

Comment, network and collaborate Commenting is another huge part. Don’t just watch people like and comment on your stuff. Reply to them. When someone says they like your content actually respond to your fans. People are receptive to artists who care about and appreciate their fans. Don’t just reply to comments. Comment thanking people for all the likes, and update people when you reach a high number of listens. Leave nice comments on other people’s music too. If people notice you actively engaging with your community, they will be more likely to check your profile out. Collaborations are a great way to reach new fans. Once you start building connections through Soundcloud and other social media sites reach out and ask to make collaborations with artists you like. This is a great way to get new fans who would have otherwise never heard of you. When you collaborate with others, you reach both your fans and their fans. You do half the work and get more views than you would alone. This is great exposure for friends that you’re collaborating with as well. This also shows other artists you’re willing to collaborate and can make more people want to work with you. Along with collaborations do remixes. If you know of a DJ who you’ve already established some kind of connection with ask them to remix your song. You can also make your own remixes if you’re good at it. Remixing helps give your song new life and make it sound new again. Another option for remix is remixing already popular music. Thousands of people search for good remixes of songs they already love. Tap into that by making some awesome remixes of popular songs at the moment.

Posts mixes Posting mixes featuring multiple artists a great way to reach people. You can tag all the artists you feature which in turn brings fans of those artists to your page. The artist you feature will also visit you as a thanks for promoting you . They may even feature you on their page. More well known and popular artists get searched for by thousands of people and when they click on your tagged mix they will most likely check out your page to see your other posts. You can also get all the artists you use in your mix to share your mix on their page which will get all their fans to listen to it and most likely check out your page. This is a simple way to get people to share your page. The best part of this is you don’t need fancy DJ equipment to mix songs anymore. Now you can use DAW (digital audio workstation ) to create your mix. Find a software you like and download it. You can find tons of free software and sites or buy a program to use. Mixing has become much easier now that your laptop can become your turntable. Mix about 20 songs and reap in the benefits of having all those artists share your mix. Try to use people with whom you have established some kind of relationship with as they are more likely to share your mix. You can ask them to share it on all forms of social media they use. Be sure to post it on as many platforms as you can. Soundcloud gives you the option to include up to 7 accounts in a single follow to download gateway. If you are regularly collaborating with someone include them in your gateways. This is a great way to grow your fanbase. People who follow the other artist will see you included them and will then check out your stuff. You can also ask the people you list in your download gateways to share your gateways too. Which in turn exposes you to more people. This method of gaining followers works great if you collaborate often with others but even if you don’t it can still work well for you. You can also include artist you have made mixes of or remixed.

Follow other artists and users In the same way as for Twitter or Instagram, you can set up a monitoring strategy, in order to increase your number of listeners and subscribers. The principle is to follow the users who follow the musicians who are known in your musical style. Generally between 10% and 30% of them will follow you back. From there, you can then start the conversation with them (for example about the artist you both like), in order to ask only after several messages that they listen to your music. Then there is a much greater chance that they will accept if you show your goodwill and have created a bond.

Do not spam others As on any other social network, the comment space can quickly become a space dedicated to self-promotion. But not for you. Comment on the titles by providing value (objective and elaborate criticism, support, etc.), rather than desperately trying to put yourself forward. The goal is to help your fellow human beings create better music and to compliment artists when they deserve it. That’s how you’ll get their attention.

Do not buy followers or plays I cannot stress this enough: do not buy fake followers. A common trend on social media today is to pay for fake followers. People do it on Instagram, Facebook , twitter, and yes Soundcloud. All this does is build a fake fan base. People do this in an attempt to make themselves seem more popular than they are. It is a waste of cash, time and effort. You want real views, shares and listens, not made up views. Do not discredit yourself as an artist. Work hard and feel rewarded when you see your views rise knowing its real and because people enjoy your content. There is no real gain in fake followers and if your real fans find out they may leave you and your sad attempt at popularity behind. This is not the time to fake it till you make it. The fact is that if users come to your page and see that you have a huge number of followers for only a few plays per song, they will suspect something. No one wants to deal with a cheater on social networks. It’s unprofessional and we prefer to interact with someone who has about ten subscribers and is sincere, rather than with an account that has tens of thousands of fake followers. Of course the temptation is strong to want to take a shortcut, but it is always better to build a REAL, solid and committed community yourself.

Contact blogs and influencers One way to quickly gain play and followers is to directly reach influencers and music blogs in your musical style. Of course there are many of them, but that doesn’t mean it’s a pleasure. Indeed, only a small percentage of requests are put forward, as these people are so much in demand. Therefore, in order to put all the chances on your side during and before your contact, here are some tips to take into account: Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are contacting: Even if your goal is to gain visibility, you must temporarily forget this and show empathy towards the person you are talking to. This one wants to know what he or she would gain by sharing your music or Soundcloud profile. What feedback can he expect? Will it help him achieve his own goal? Be modest: If your music is good, we will tell you. No need to give a biased opinion about your own music, since it will necessarily be clumsy and sometimes… far from the truth. Send finished titles: No matter how talented you are, if the recording, mixing and/or mastering is not up to standard, you are wasting your time and you will be wasting your interlocutor’s time. Try again when you’re ready. Try your luck. You will certainly be refused, but if you don’t try, nothing will work. Sometimes, an article or a rest is all it takes to create the momentum needed to get an artist off the ground. Create your network starting with small partners who are much less solicited. From there, you can progress.

Use Repost Exchange for legit reposts from other users Repostecxhange.com (see our review here) lets you find people to repost your music. Here’s how it works: you browse members to find the perfect people to re post your content or you can create a public post that anyone can re post. You use credits to pay for re posts. You can earn more credits by accepting requests or reposting someone’s campaign. Campaigns are public post with a set budget that any member can browse. They can then choose to share your campaign the songs they like. Campaigns last until your set number (budget) of credits is used or for 1 week. If all credits aren’t used, you get refunded the unused credits. For a limited time, you get a free 30 credits which is enough to earn you 3k new Soundcloud followers. The site picks out fake accounts so you don’t get false followers or re posters. They offer both a free and paid plan. The paid plan costs 9 dollars a month and member report high increases of plays and some even say that have had an increase of 43% in their fan base in as little as 10 days.

Sign with this link to get 30 free starting credits


Use a download gate You can also use download gates like Hypeddit to gain followers. The site is free and allows you set up gateway downloads. You post your music and people can like, follow, and repost your content in exchange for a download. There are many other sites you can find, with reviews, with just a simple google search. So get searching!

Develop your brand Brand recognition plays a huge role in any type of marketing and you are marketing your content. When people see a logo or image, they can easily recognize they are more likely to check out your stuff. Many bands use logos. Think of the Rolling Stones and I bet lips with a tongue sticking out comes to mind. When you create a logo, you give people something more to remember. By using your logo consistently people will begin to remember and recognize your logo. People are drawn to visuals so use this to your advantage and create something memorable. Be unique. If your logo resembles another band or artist, too many people will think about them instead of you. You can create a logo yourself using a digital platform such as Photoshop or by uploading a hand-drawn image or painting. If you are not creative don’t worry. There are a ton of places online where you find someone to create a logo for you. You may have a friend who is into graphic design who can do this for you for free or very cheap. If you don’t have artsy friends fear not. Fiverr.com can help you find a freelance artist to create your logo for as little as 5 dollars. Make sure you use your logo consistently across all forms of social media. This gives you an established image that people will associate you with.

Gain exposure in the real world by DJing If you have the skills start DJing at local clubs, bars, or events. Even a free gig to start out is great. By doing this you get exposure which will lead to fans. You can build a solid fanbase this way. This also helps you build connections with other DJs. You can ask these new friends of yours to play your DJ set and promote you. Many DJs will play your sets if they are good and you ask them. Building these connections is vital to getting more exposure both online and in real time. Be nice to other DJs and offer to promote their stuff too. DJing will build your fanbase and eventually can earn some nice extra cash. Don’t expect to get paid gigs until you have established yourself as good DJ. Offer your tracks to these DJs for remix both in real time and online. Their fans will then go and check you out. Letting people remix your work allows their fans to be exposed to your music earning you more fans. This will help you get your name out there and get you heard by more people.

Do giveaways If you want to engage your fan base and keep people happy while encouraging new followers consider giveaways. You can set up a free giveaway once a month ( or as often as you like) to a random follower. You can give away free merchandise by hosting a contest. Post about it all over all of your social media platforms and keep re posting it. People love free stuff! This is an incentive to your fans to follow and keep following you and its free advertising. When someone wears a shirt with your name or logo on it, they are new advertising for you. You can give away anything from shirts to hats to stickers. People will love it! You can also do draws for people to win tickets to your shows. While this may cost you some money, it can really boost your followers and gain you some advertising.

Again: Quality is key Remember that your Soundcloud can only get as big as you let it. If you want followers, you must regularly produce good quality music that people want to hear. If your recording sound like they were tapped 50 years ago from 30 ft away, no one is going to listen. You are going to need good recordings. You can be the most talented musician in the world but if your audio quality sucks it ruins the music. So do not skimp out production. You must have clear, easy-to-hear audio without static. You must make music people want to hear. If you can’t rap, no one is going to listen to you stumble over your words even if the beat is killer. Don’t try to play instruments you can’t play or sing out of your vocal range. Quality music is key. Practice before you post and always put out your best work. This is not karaoke night at the bar, you can’t get away with sounding bad and expect everyone to clap.

Conclusion Here is what musicians and groups on Soundcloud should implement to optimize their profile, better interact with the user community and promote their music. As with other social networks and especially Youtube, it takes time to build your fanbase on a platform, so don’t get discouraged and go one step at a time. If you follow these steps and put your all into your content, you will gain followers and can be proud of self. I hope this guide was informative and helpful to you. Now go create something awesome!

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