6 Keys to Building Your Mailing List

Building an email list seems like an easy thing to do, but there’s a lot more to

it than you’d think. Here are the six keys to building a successful list:

1. Offer a high comfort level. People don’t like to give their email address

out unless they’re getting something in return. In other words, they use

their email information as a form of currency. If they don’t trust your site or

they’re unsure what you’ll do with their address, it’s really difficult to get

them to register. If the site, offer, post, or page is unprofessional and feels

like it may disappear any day, chances are they won’t sign up.

2. Make the sign-up form easy to find. Make the registration prominent on

not only your website and social media, but every marketing piece that you

have. Most email services provide HTML widgets that both look good and

work seamlessly without any programming on your part.

3. Make it easy to register. That means don’t ask for too much information.

It’s easy to get their first name and their email address and maybe their city,

but beyond that, many potential users begin to feel uncomfortable.

Remember, you can always ask them for more information later, after they

sign up.

4. Give them an incentive to subscribe. They need a contest, access to

exclusive material, or a promise of receiving something later as a reason to

register. Remember, they’re buying something with their email currency.

They’re thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

5. Cross-promote. Promote your list through your social networks, including

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your blog, and even something as simple as

on gig flyers or business cards. Every address is valuable, so don’t let any

opportunities for another registration fall by the wayside.

6. Use reminders. Remind people about your email list in your videos, blog

posts, podcasts, CD covers, and any other kind of content you produce.

You don’t have to be blatant about it; just make sure that the info is always


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