How To Go Viral On Tik Tok (Musician Edition)

TikTok is currently a leading social media platform, with a 500% year-over-year growth since 2017 and 120 million monthly active users. For musicians, it’s not just a social media platform, it can turn independent artists into stars overnight and creates global hits, making it a music marketing phenomenon.

For reasons unknown to music industry professionals, TikTok still doesn’t seem to be part of every artist’s marketing strategy, even though it could be what blows up your next release. Although the app is a Gen Z playground, it’s time to get your head around it and start promoting your music on TikTok today as you’ll immediately start to see the results.

What is it?

Formerly known as ‘Musical.ly’, TikTok is a mobile app available on Apple and Android that allows users to film and upload short clips up to 15 seconds long, many of which are in a lip sync style using music from the app’s library.

Much like vine, TikTok has challenges that start trending, app stars who have millions of followers and the content is pulled on to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook due to its viral nature.

Much like other social media platforms, TikTok users can interact with each other by following, liking are re-sharing content, with the current most followed individual on the app being 17-year-old Loren Gray sporting a reach of over 31 million followers and a total of over 2030 million hearts and counting.

Get Your Music Used In TikTok Videos

Getting your track on TikTok is the first step and this can be done one of two ways. The first being through a distributor or Apple Music and the second being a more DIY method explained below.

Anyone can upload their own audio to the app and then this can be searched and used by others.

1: Upload a video with the clip of that track in that you want to use.

2: Click the profile photo in the bottom right hand corner

3: Name your sound, so you’ll want to go with the ‘Track Name – Artist Name’ so it’s easy for others to find

Get Your Music To Go Viral on TikTok

Now your music is available on TikTok, you need to get the track out there to TikTok influencers and users across the globe. This is completely do-able for any artist, no matter what level they’re at in their career.

The latest success story with TikTok is ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X. TikTok was crucial to the success of Hill’s ‘Old Town Road’ hit, which is now sat at number 15 on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. A hashtag for “#yeehaw” has manifested thousands of videos with more than 67 million play. Hill even states he felt he should be paying TikTok for the promotion and gives the platform all the credit for his success to date.

This didn’t just happen by Hill uploading the track to TikTok, he pushed the release in the exact same methods we’re going to explain. He used influencers, memes and challenges to guarantee his track went viral.

Which Track To Promote on TikTok

Before starting your promotion via TikTok, you need to make sure your track is TikTok friendly. Not all styles of music thrive on TikTok as it needs to give users something to create content around, lip sync to or develop a challenge on.

Most of the tracks that see great success on TikTok typically tend to have catchy memorable lyrics or lyrics that can be brought to life. TikTok content can be no longer than 15 seconds, so the clip needs to make sense as a stand-alone moment outside the context of the whole song.

The best way to find your most TikTok friendly track is to listen to them all in full whilst reading the lyrics. Play the track in 15 second clips to try to find lyrics or melodies that could fit with TikTok’s theme and content.

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