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One of the most exciting things as an artist is to collaborate with like minds in the studio. You get to feed off each other’s energy and creative processes, and the end product can potentially be something completely out of this world. The best part is that these days, this collaboration does not even have to be face to face. Creatives are collaborating remotely thanks to the power of the Internet. It is now possible to simply reach out to a fellow artist online and ask them to collaborate. This means people on completely different continents can come together and create music. So, how can you get started in remote collaborations? Well, there are lots of apps and websites that can help you collaborate with other artists. This article is going to show you some of the best ones to help you get started.


According to the official website, Splice is a platform where you can let your creativity flow. With over a million musicians on the platform, it opens you up to a whole new world of collaborative opportunities. It is free to sign up. Once you do, you will be able to find and access millions of sounds and gear and connect with musicians from all over the world. The platform also allows you to preview and pick the sound you like before downloading it. You can preview their unique selection of sounds from top producers, artists, and sound designers.

Pros It has a decent selection of samples in a wide variety of genres It is very easy to browse through the database with filtered searches. Finding like-minded creatives that you can collaborate with has also been made very easy to do. You get to keep everything you have downloaded even when you stop paying for Splice

Cons A lot of DAWs come with thousands of sounds by default, which reduces the need for seeking out the services of Splice The samples it has are in WAV format only


This is an online music collaboration platform that allows musicians from all around the world to collaborate online to create new original music. It is free to sign up and you get to use GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Studio One, REAPER or any other audio software to record your ideas and eventually upload them to Kompoz. There are four packages to choose from: the Starter, Plus, Premier and Pro. The free Starter package gives you up to 3 public collaborations and 1 private collaboration. You also have the chance to sell your collaborations at the store, license and cosign them, and keep 70% of all net revenue. You can also participate in forums and send private messages to other artists. In addition to everything included in the starter package, the Plus package gives you the chance to create up to 25 public collaborations and 10 private collaborations annually. You also get to keep 80% of your net revenue in the store, and you get a plus badge on your profile in the community. The Premier package is the best option for the creative songwriter. In addition to everything included in the plus package, you’ll also get up to 50 public collaborations and 20 private ones, keep 90% of your net revenue, and a premier badge in the community. The Pro package is the best option for a professional songwriter. Here you’ll get an unlimited number of public and private collaborations, the ability to keep 90% of your net revenue, and a pro badge on your profile in the community. Pros You can still benefit a lot from the free membership without having to upgrade The Groups page can be an invaluable resource for people looking to share everything from live performances, future projects, or even just talking about music

Cons The commission Kompoz charges on sales is pretty steep when compared to other similar platforms where you get to keep 100% of your earnings


This is a portal for artists and producers to connect. The mission of this platform is to empower musicians and producers with “feedback, support and other services provided by a trusted network of pros.” Audiu allows you to build a network and get the feedback and support you need to grow your career. It also goes the extra mile and provides opportunities for you to collaborate and publish your projects for free on the platform. If you are interested in collaboration, all you have to do is reach out to one of the pros. Audiu has created a platform where industry pros (like established artists, engineers, educators, and other audio professionals) can support emerging artists with their talents and make a little extra money doing it. The price of collaboration is set by each pro. All you have to do is identify the one you would like to work with then visit their profiles to find out more about them and their working process. Their rates will also be available on their profile pages. It is important to note that most of the collaboration opportunities with pros on Audiu involve mixing, mastering, and post-production services. However, if you need something else, you can still message your pro of choice and talk to them about your project.

Pros The feedback offered is a valuable resource for creators who are looking to level up in their careers You can publish your projects for free on the platform The site is very robust and well-made, so everything is clear and very easy to use

Cons The customer support team is not very responsive Sometimes the pros can be a little unresponsive and you may waste a lot of time waiting for their communication. When this happens, simply cancel your order and use a different pro.


This is an online music collaboration service that gives you access to talented songwriters, musicians, audio engineers, and music producers from all over the world. Furthermore, it’s a space that unites, encourages socializing, and collaboration in the writing and production of original music, all from the comfort of your home studio. The platform has 4 memberships which include the free membership, the silver membership, the gold membership, and the platinum membership. Free membership is good for amateurs and beginner songwriters who need to hire musicians to record their demos. With it, you’ll get 1GB of space, 2 projects, ability to hire musicians, access to music collaboration tools, ability to publish your music, a customizable profile, access to forums, digital copyrights, and pay as you go optional add-ons. Silver membership is perfect for budding artists, mix engineers, and collaborators. With this you will get 5 GB of space, 4 projects, account verification, ability to sell your music, social media links, options for personal privacy, access to the community media library, 50% discount on all add-ons, free business promo, and free licensing options. Gold membership is meant for producers and musicians who produce their own music. On top of what is available in the other plans, you will also get 10 GB of space, 15 projects, an add-on for project privacy, and your own custom icon. Platinum membership is the option to go for if you are a studio, a high level professional, or simply a musician who doesn’t like keeping count. You’ll get unlimited space, unlimited projects, access to the project archive add-on, and your account will get all future new site features and all new add-ons included for free.

Pros It has a massive pool of musicians that you can work with, so you can be more selective on who you want to collaborate with It is very easy to record tracks with this platform that can them be mixed with tracks of other musicians from all over the world

Cons It can take quite a lot of time before a project can get rolling. You have to build connections first by working on other people’s projects and being active before your own project can be worked on.


Blend is a social community that helps music producers share music projects in source format. So if you have been looking for a platform where you can share and download raw files that you can immediately throw into your DAW and start working on it, this is it. Blend has been intentionally designed to be perfect for remixing and collaborating on projects with the user community. It is a great place to learn from and gather feedback from the larger global music community. The best part is that if you are a music lover, you can also use it to discover new original music. Similarly, your fans also get the opportunity to participate in your creative process along with you, which opens new grounds for engagement with your audience. As an artist, Blend also lets you buy DAW projects, studio-quality stems, MIDI files, sample packs, Ableton devices and presets. Every seller on the platform sets their own price, so the costs of these products will vary from seller to seller. If you want to sell your creations on the platform, Blend charges a 30% commission per sale. Pros It comes with online backup for your DAW, so you do not have to be afraid of losing your work if your computer crashes It has a very simple design that is well-focused and easy to use. Its intuitiveness is part of the reason why it has become such a popular collaboration platform All projects on Blend have a public lineage. This means everyone knows who started a project, when they started the project, and so on, which secures the project and prevents anyone from stealing your intellectual property

Cons There have been a lot of Blend clones that completely rip off the original and pass it off as a new thing. This has somewhat slowed the progress of Blend.io


The platform describes itself as a two-way talent discovery marketplace (between vocalists and producers) which includes an online collaborative workspace. Moreover, it gives a safe and secure online collaborative space to complete projects with artists from around the world. It has 2 memberships: free and pro. The Free Plan: It is the best option if you are just starting out. You’ll get a Vocalizr profile page, the ability to view jobs, the ability to post gigs and contests, access to standard statistics, and 3 to 5-day payouts. The Pro Plan: Here you get unlimited connections, unlimited messaging, ability to bid on jobs, PRO highlighted bids and job postings, access to your own PRO profile page, access to advanced statistics, a pro badge, Spotify & Youtube integration, and instant payouts. Pros It is a great place to find the perfect vocals for your tracks The auditioning element makes it very easy to find the best candidate for your vocals. It is a lot easier to do than holding physical auditions. While it is useful for producers, it is also very beneficial to singers as it gives them a platform to showcase their talents and perhaps even get discovered by major industry players

Cons It is a lot more specific than other platforms on this list, which can be a little limiting for some producers. Use Vocalizr when you need decent vocalists for your tracks.


SoundBetter is the leading services marketplace connecting service seekers and service providers in the music production industry. On the platform, you can find producers, mixing & mastering engineers, singers, songwriters and more to help you with your music. Additionally, you get to hire and securely pay for services directly through SoundBetter. So, how much do they charge? The price will depend on the type of services you need. For example, if you need help with your song, you will be asked a series of questions to help the platform determine exactly what you need. Example answers would be, “I need someone to write the music and lyrics”, “I need someone to write music”, “I need someone to write lyrics”, or “my music & lyrics are already written”. As you answer these questions, you will know how much you will be paying for the services you need. Pros It allows you to get top-notch mixes that are often only reserved for major record labels It is free to sign up and browse projects It is very easy to use. All you have to do is post your project, outline what you need, and wait for interested people to contact you. You can then choose the one you would like to collaborate with most.

Cons Their premium program is a little more costly than other products on this list You have to pay before you can access the job listings

Verdict Even though in-studio collaborations are arguably more authentic and produce more organic music, remote collaborations cannot be invalidated. They are enabling more music creativity from around the world and enriching the music ecosystem in a massive way. If you have been thinking about finding an efficient way to collaborate with other creators, this list of apps and websites should be all you need to get started.

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