Best of NAMM 2020

Winter NAMM 2020's doors have now closed but there's plenty of gear news dust left to settle. We have all the big stories from the big players right here, and keep your eyes peeled for yet more video from the show floor.

Held every year in Anaheim, California, NAMM sees the world's biggest (and smallest) developers and manufacturers gathering together to show off their latest products for guitarists, hi-tech musicians, drummers, DJs and many others.

So, if you want to know what happened at NAMM 2020, keep it right here…

1. Akai MPC One

AKAI‘s MPC One performs well as a standalone device and can function independent of a computer with a DAW. Users can also jump right into the experience thanks to the Splice integration and CV/Gate connectors. Other features include the signature Electric, Tubesynth and Bassline synth engines, and AIR FX for easy mixing and mastering.

2.Korg ARP 2600 FS

The Korg ARP 2600 is a legendary piece of hardware with many notable achievements to its name, which is why Korg’s announcement of a one-off, limited production reissue is something worth sitting up and taking notice of. No news yet of the semi-modular synth’s pricing or availability, but you can be sure that it’ll go fast.

3.Universal Audio Luna

Universal Audio’s much-hyped DAW, Luna has more going on inside than is immediately apparent from a skim of the headlines. The system is designed to be more like working with tape than traditional DAWs, boasts Trim Automation, and the company’s first virtual instruments. Plus, the DAW itself is free to UA Thunderbolt interface owners.

4.Presonus iOStation 24c

Pairing the Faderport with an audio interface, the iOStation 24c could be the only piece of recording gear that solo musicians/producers need. With two mic preamps, high-quality conversion, a motorised fader, transport and deep DAW control, it’s an attractive bundle and affordably priced, to boot.

5.Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3

Novation‘s latest iteration of the popular Launchpad controller is designed to be a great partner for hybrid hardware/software synths. On the hardware front, its design highlights include a four-track, 32-step polyphonic sequencer and a pair of MIDI outs. And on the software integration side of things, it features dedicated controls for transport, tap tempo, Print To Clip and Capture MIDI for an intuitive workflow.

6.Pioneer DJ DJM-V10

Pioneer DJ‘s newest DJM-V10 is an impressive six-channel, feature-rich mixer, but the goodies doesn’t stop there. An expanded send/return section on the DJM-V10 allows users to route audio to one of four built-in FX and up to two pieces of external equipment, like synths, guitar pedals, or sequencers. Selected smartphone apps can also be utilised by connecting the device with MULTI I/O.

7.Nektar Aura

Nektar‘s multi-functional Aura comes packaged with Nektarine 2.0, which supports VST and AU plug-ins while also giving users the option of using up to 64 effect plug-ins per Nektarine instance. There is also a Plugin mode that provides users instant control over their plug-in’s parameters, such as pitch, decay and level.

8.Vochlea Dubler Studio Kit

Voice-to-MIDI is in danger of becoming the in thing, so hats off to Vochlea for providing the most convincing application yet for mouth-controlled percussive sound control, melodic parts and effect manipulation.

9.SSL audio interfaces

Pro audio specialist Solid State Logic is stepping into the home recording market with two affordable USB audio interfaces: SSL 2 and SSL 2+. SSL quality at these prices is more than enough to get our nod for NAMM 2020.

10.Arturia KeyStep Pro

Arturia's latest addition to its controller range, the KeyStep Pro - a 37-key MIDI keyboard equipped with a multitrack sequencer and plenty of I/O options, leads this highly competitive field at NAMM 2020.

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