5 Must Read Social Media Marketing Blogs for 2020

Social media is constantly changing, updating and developing. It continues to change how we receive information and it’s revolutionizing the way we work. There is an abundant amount of information in cyberspace about social media, but the question remains: where is the best place to look for social media help? Which blogs are the best social media blogs?

1. Social Media Examiner

This blog has great content to introduce new users to all the different social media sites. Social Media Examiner helps with staying on top of trends and the latest news on any changes in social media channels.

2. Buffer Social

I am an avid fan of the Buffer app and we use it religiously as part of our social media tool arsenal. And this company practices what they preach with their content marketing. Their blog is packed full of great advice, useful tips and strategies to help any business succeed at social media marketing.

3. Marketing Tech Blog

This blog combines the ever-changing technology and the world of social media. Learn how technology and social media work together to be most effective in marketing.

4. Sprout Social

This is another tool we use every single day and their blog provides an abundance of advice and updates on social media, brand building and more. What I like about this blog is that they research the topics extensively and their advice is sound. I typically read more than one source when I am trying to validate my own theories and Sprout Social is never wrong.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot is known far and wide for their all-in-one marketing software that will make your marketing automation dreams come true. And while their product is not for everyone, they do an excellent job showcasing what they do with their own content marketing. They provide some of the most relevant, cutting edge social media and content marketing advice you can find both on their blog and through their many white papers, guides and resources that they happily provide you for free. If you want to see a content marketing program that works, this is the company and blog to follow.

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