4 Tips for Contacting a Music Blogger or Influencer

As I often explain to you, one way to quickly gain visibility is for your musical project to be promoted by a media (site, company or personality) that has influence in your musical niche. It’s not something obvious, but the potential is huge, as it allows you to reach a whole new community of targeted potential fans who are likely to follow you. In fact, even the smallest music blogs or influencers can win you fans and legitimacy overnight. But who are we talking about? Music bloggers in your musical style Soundcloud accounts and Youtube channels dedicated to promotion Playlist owners on streaming platforms Relevant Youtubeurs, Twitter and Facebook accounts Other musical projects (groups and similar artists) Facebook forums and groups From the local press Webradios and local radios And much more! As such, all musicians should pay more attention to press relations (especially online) in their music promotion strategy. In this article, we will discuss how to effectively approach music blogs and influencers to promote your music project. 1. Target the best potential relays First of all, you have to understand that not all media and blogs are relevant to your music and therefore you shouldn’t waste your time (and their time) contacting them all. Most of the time, a music influencer or blog has a particular kind of interest and it is therefore your duty to find those who are influential in your musical niche. If you have no idea, you can go to artists similar to your music to find out which media and personalities they use as relays. In particular, check out the retweets of these artists, which often mention the profiles that advertise them or search the name of the project on Google (excluded, premieres, interviews, etc.). Regarding targeting, we are talking about style, but also size. If you are starting from scratch, do not try to contact influencers or blogs known at the national level, as this will not lead to anything. To reach the top, you have to start small, for example, with local or emerging media. You can then use your experience and results to aim higher and move up the ladder. In fact, that’s how you get the attention of the biggest influencers, who don’t want to miss a story that everyone is already talking about. Target your music niche and start at your scale, if you want to get your first results quickly.

2. Customize as much as possible If you contact a site or media in order to be promoted, you must show that your request is not coming out of nowhere. Are you a regular? Have you taken the time to familiarize yourself with the content? Why this media and why you? During your first contact, if you send the same vague and generic email to everyone, then it is normal that no one answers you. Do a minimum of research if you don’t want your message to join the trash. After all, why should we take the time to consider your request, if you don’t take the time to get to know the media or influencer better? Learn more about the nature of the media and who to contact to make your email more personal. It really makes a difference. You have to show them that you know their audience and editorial line and that your music fits perfectly with their universe. Some advice: Never use the CC or CCi (no bulk mailings) Mention the name of the media or, if possible, the name of the person you are contacting several times Compliment the person about an aspect of the media that only a regular can know (recent article, redesign, style, news, etc.) Try to create a link, even outside your outings In fact, the best way to get noticed by a music influencer or blog is to actively participate in their community. Share, comment, retweeze, like and be involved in order to get into people’s minds. This will significantly improve the impression that you will be given when you make your request. In some cases (e. g. large music blogs and traditional media), if you want to drastically increase your chances, do not contact directly through the media as 99% of people do. Instead, try to find the personal email address of the person most likely to help you (journalist or blogger who has already written about similar projects, for example) and to make friends on social networks (in public). If you don’t have an answer by email or you can’t find it, then try to contact this person via social networks.

3. Get to the point The shorter it is, the better. Let us be clear, music blogs and influencers receive dozens or even hundreds of requests every day. Therefore, the last thing they want is to receive and have to read a block about your music. Especially during the first contact. In general, here is what to include in your email: Clear and precise email subject Greetings and compliments (show that you are familiar with the media) Brief presentation of your musical project Highlighting some notable facts and a few words about what you want to promote (album, song, video, etc.) Purpose of the request and why you rather than another Acknowledgements Links (music (in private on Soundcloud for example), bio, site, social networks) I strongly encourage you to be as specific as possible, while avoiding annoying your interlocutor. You have to tell a story, of course, but first settle for a one-sentence pitch. Be concise. Of course, be polite, be careful with spelling mistakes (!) and do not add attachments (mp3, PDF or other) to your submission. Simply provide the link to view your press kit and music. Finally, remember that you have to put yourself in the place of the media. What does the blog or influencer want? May his sharing be popular and help him attract more people. It is therefore preferable to propose content that: Is new or even exclusive to their media Matches the tastes of their community From a rapidly growing artist The more elements you gather in your favour, the more chances you have.

4. Restart and restart As mentioned, the media you are interested in are overwhelmed by requests. So don’t be afraid to send a reminder after a week or two if you haven’t received a response. Indeed, they may have been just too busy when you first sent them or they may have forgotten to answer them. As such, your reminder is as important as the first email you send. Contrary to what you may think, reminders work, but neither should they be abused. Raise once or twice, very maximum. By restarting, you keep the name of your music project at the top of their inbox and thus increase the chances that your message will be opened and taken into account. What to talk about in your reminder? Just ask the person if they have had the opportunity to listen to your musical project and if their media would be interested in your story. Be polite and respectful, and thank them in any case for taking the time to read you. Conclusion Contacting music blogs and influencers can be an ungrateful job because you will have a very low number of responses compared to your number of posts. However, if you persist and overcome the fear of rejection, then you can eventually reap the rewards of your hard work. Don’t give up! Don’t give up! Once a music blogger or influencer has collaborated with you, highlight the partnership on your site, on your social networks and thank the person concerned. Now all you have to do is use it as a springboard for the rest of your promotion!

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